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Carri Insights The new Bing preview experience arrives on Bing and Edge Mobile apps

The New Bing Preview Experience Arrives on Bing and Edge Mobile Apps

Microsoft has released a new AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge. Over one million people in 169 countries have tried the preview, and more people are joining every day. People are enjoying the new features and giving positive feedback. Microsoft is using the feedback to make regular updates to make the...

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Carri Insights China unveils plan to promote digital development

China Unveils Plan to Promote Digital Development

China has a plan for digital development to improve its digital infrastructure, economy, and technology. By 2035, they want to be a global leader in digital development. The plan includes using digital technology in many sectors and improving digital government services. China also wants to encourage businesses to play a...

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Carri Insights Jump Crypto and ‘counter exploits’ Wormhole hacker for $225M

Jump Crypto and ‘Counter Exploits’ Wormhole Hacker for $225M

Hackers stole $321 million in digital assets using the Wormhole protocol in February 2022. Jump Crypto and were able to recover $225 million of these assets using a “counter exploit” and transferring them to a safe wallet. Read More:

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Carri Insights The Global Economy of 2023 is Going to be a Wild Ride

The Global Economy of 2023 is Going to be a Wild Ride

The shocks of 2022 have caused a recession for large parts of the world, and several geopolitical and economic factors are contributing to the uncertainty. The Federal Reserve’s rate hikes are creating job losses, while the labor market and corporate balance sheets remain strong. Analysts predict that the recession will...

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