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Key Takeaways Of Global AI Conclave 2023

The Global AI Conclave 2023 in Bengaluru, co-hosted by CNBC-TV18 and Moneycontrol, saw AI leaders endorse the New Delhi AI proclamation. Andrew Ng highlighted India’s potential in AI, with high skill penetration and interest. Rajeev Chandrasekhar advocated for balanced AI governance, emphasizing India’s influential role in AI innovation and global...

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Real AI Use Cases in Crypto, No. 2: AIs Can Run DAOs

The artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in blockchain and crypto has been met with both hype and skepticism. Despite the skepticism, several blockchain stakeholders are finding genuine use cases for AI, particularly in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Illia Polosukhin, founder of Near, suggests AI could manage logistical operations within DAOs, helping...

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GitHub Teases Copilot Enterprise Plan That Lets Companies Customize for Their Codebase

GitHub has announced plans for an enterprise subscription tier, allowing companies to customize its Copilot pair-programmer based on their internal codebase. The new tier, Copilot Enterprise, will cost $39/month and be available from February 2024. It includes personalizing Copilot Chat and fine-tuning the underlying models for companies’ codebases. GitHub also...

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The Hub: Carbon Neutrality And Green Silk Road At COP28

COP28 in Dubai focused on carbon neutrality and transformative climate action, with discussions on challenges for the Global South and island nations, exploring funding, capacity building, and policy solutions to drive global political will towards a green economy. Read More:

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Broadcom Closes $69 Billion VMware Deal After China Approval

Broadcom has successfully closed its $69 billion acquisition of cloud-computing firm VMware after receiving regulatory approval from China, ending a months-long process. This acquisition is part of Broadcom CEO Hock Tan’s strategy to expand the company’s software business. Despite facing global regulatory scrutiny and having to delay the closing date...

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A16z Backs Web3 Consumer App Setter in $5M Seed Round

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz led a $5 million seed round into Setter, a consumer app designed to simplify Web3 wallet technologies and facilitate Web3-powered commerce for brands. The New York-based app plans to help brands offer exclusive products and limited edition drops. “It looks and feels like a Web2...

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