Twitter Makes a Big U-Turn: It’s Hiring

Carri Insights Twitter Makes a Big U-Turn It's Hiring

In less than a month, Twitter lost some 5,000 employees or 67% of its workforce. This haemorrhage is due to the decisions of its new owner Elon Musk. But he wasn’t done: In an email sent to the platform’s 3,700 employees on November 16, Musk asked them to choose between working long hours to help revamp Twitter 2.0 or leaving the company with three months of severance pay.

But while Musk had hoped the number of employees choosing to leave would be manageable, he found himself with a significant surge. Over a thousand employees decided to leave the company, which may pose risks to Twitter’s business and the entire platform. All of this caused confusion because the company no longer knew who would have access to the premises and its assets. As a result, Musk decided to momentarily close the offices.

A few days after these events, Twitter finds itself again in an unenviable position: it is recruiting. The announcement was made in company slides shared on November 26 on the platform by Elon Musk himself. On one of the slides, it is written: “We’re recruiting.” It is not specified how many positions are to be filled or the nature of the jobs – engineers, sales etc…


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