A New Use Case For The Older VR User – Dealing With Death

Carri Insights A New Use Case For The Older VR User - Dealing With Death

There is a new use case for older VR users to deal with death. This is a relatively new field, but there is a growing interest in using virtual reality (VR) technology to help people process and cope with grief.

One potential use case is to create a safe, comfortable virtual space for the user to explore their emotions and confront the loss of a loved one. This could be done through a variety of different activities, such as visiting a virtual memorial or speaking with a digital avatar of a deceased loved one.

Additionally, using VR can provide a sense of comfort and security as the user engages in activities that are otherwise difficult to do in real life, such as visiting a cemetery. These virtual experiences can help people to process and accept their feelings of loss and grief, and to ultimately move forward in life.


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