Hong Kong’s Healthcare Industry Sees Transformation with Tree3 Health’s Virtual Clinic

Carri Insights Hong Kong's Healthcare Industry Sees Transformation with Tree3 Health's Virtual Clinic

Tree3 Health, a virtual clinic in Hong Kong, has launched a mobile solution that can reduce the cost of primary healthcare by up to 50%. Since its launch in January 2022, over 3,000 users have used the service.

The virtual clinic allows users to receive medical care instantly without advanced booking, similar to Uber. Unlike other doctor booking platforms, Tree3 Health directly collaborates with practitioners.

Users can request to see a general practitioner and complete consultations within 15 minutes. All relevant documents are available instantly on the app.

Tree3 Health’s platform also allows users to manage their family’s health records and request a doctor with ease.

Read More: https://www.tree3.health/

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