China Set to Launch Shenzhou-15 Spacecraft

Carri Insights China Set to Launch Shenzhou-15 Spacecraft

The Shenzhou-15 spacecraft will blast off to the Tiangong space station at 11:08 pm Beijing time on November 29, the China Manned Space Agency said on Monday.

The Shenzhou-15 mission will wrap up the last stage of the space station’s construction and kick off the first stage of its application and development, Ji Qiming, assistant to the director of the China Manned Space Agency, said at a press conference.

The taikonauts embarking on the mission are Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming and Zhang Lu, with Fei as the commander, Ji said, adding the crew will stay in orbit for about half a year.

During their stay in orbit, the Shenzhou-15 crew will rotate with the Shenzhou-14 trio, witnessing the arrival of the Tianzhou-6 cargo craft and Shenzhou-16 human-crewed spaceship. They will also have a work handover with the Shenzhou-16 crew in rotation.

The agency said the trio would return to the ground in May next year.


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